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Astrology Charts

Astrology is the study of planetary influences and how they affect our individual lives. At the heart of astrology are the zodiac and sun signs, which form the celestial canvas on which our lives are pictured.

Birth Charts

Know yourself and make better use of your strengths to achieve your lifetime goals. See how the planets were aligned in YOUR heavens on the day that you were born.

Your date, time and place of birth is used to chart the heavens at the exact moment you were born, this is your starting point or blueprint for your life, and can be very accurate.

The more you know about yourself, the more empowered you are to deal with life situations.

Throughout your life you will be affected by the various planets and constellations as they change and move through the different areas shown in your birth chart. The effect of these is calculated and applied to your birth chart to predict future trends and forecast when major events are likely to occur in your life. This is a transit chart, and will read the same as your natal chart, but with information relevant to the current times.

Birth Chart - $40

Monthly Horoscopes

Designed to help you make the best use of current planetary energy.

These horoscopes are a guide to the months ahead. Includes overviews of the current month, as well as highlights of key dates in the forecast for each zodiac sign.  Be ready for opportunities and meet changes with confidence.

Monthly Horoscope Chart - $20

Information Required for all Charts

  • Name
  • Time of birth (if possible)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth

All charts can be emailed as a PDF or posted upon receipt of payment.

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