Todd's Tasty Treats
Todd's Tasty Treats
354 Urana Road
NSW 2641, Australia
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Todd's Tasty Treats

Your dog makes you happy and now you can return the favor with Todd's Tasty Treats healthy Gourmet Dog Treats and Dog Food for Champions, free from preservatives, artificial flavors & colors.

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Do you need pet supplies, dog toys, pet beds and doggy clothing like oil skin coats & dog jumpers? If your pet has the urge to accessorize they can choose from the MY PET and Bow Wow range of accessories!


We are continually researching and adding to our product range with one aim in mind – You and your Pet!


For a saliva slurping, dog drooling food selection visit

How to Have a Happy Dog

To keep your dog happy and healthy you need to make sure all of his/her needs are met on a daily basis. This means that you have to know the 4 steps to happy dog success.

Step 1 - Give your dog plenty of exercise. Besides food and water, this is the most important part of a healthy daily routine. Small dogs and puppies love harnesses; you can walk 2 dogs with a dual lead and remain in control. Working off excess energy will make your pet calmer and more content.

Step 2 - Train your dog early. A dog that is confused about who is the leader of the "pack" will try to gain that leadership. Be firm but never cruel with your dog and he will have no reason to doubt your authority. This means giving firm commands that match your attitude. If you tell your dog that something is wrong and then reward him with affection, you will only confuse him and encourage the bad behavior. Reinforce good behavior with small treats and don't use harsh training for any reason.

Step 3 - Socialize at an early age. Albury & Wodonga have lots of parks and open spaces to meet other dogs so get a good dog collar and lead and get out and about! Learning to socialize early is especially important if there are no other dogs in your household. Teach your pooch to meet people as well! It makes life more pleasurable for everybody.

Step 4Keep the health of your dog top priority. Good quality pet food with the addition of natural treats and chews helps dental hygiene and overall health and well being. Take him to the vet annually and for any concerns that crop up. Keep bathing, heart worm prevention and flea and tick control in check.

We hope these tips help and look forward to hearing from you soon at Todd's Tasty Treats either in our Pet Food Store or online at

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Todd�s Tasty Treats

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  • Gourmet Dog Treats & Dog Food
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  • Shark Cartilage, Tuna Fish Treats (Cats Love These Too) & Fish Jerky
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